Saturday, May 6, 2017

5KMs In The Bag

So I did the Spar ladies challenge. I did 5kms in 42 minutes on a cold Saturday and best of all a kind man gave me a boerewors roll, when I searched for food and accidentally gatecrashed their company team building. It was a good achievement, my third race. I'm looking forward to doing 5kms, 10kms and 20kms. I'll leave the Comrades up in the air for now.

I cut out sugar for at least a month but over the past week or two, I have slipped into some old bad habits. I recommend checking out I Quit Sugar. The book is written by Sarah Wilson. She has a website you can get recipes and a health challenge that you can sign up for, which are costly but she has a lot of success stories and has done extensive research into the harm that sugar causes.

My workout buddies

My friends and I do weekly workouts (in theory but we(read them) cancel quite often).

We do a routine that we watch on YouTube by Chloe Ting (

If you want to get fit and don't have a gym subscription, this is a perfect way to get in shape. You can do most of the exercises without any equipment. There are no excuses not to do exercise (no rain, no darkness, no gym fee). The only thing I suggest is that you use a yoga mat, if you don't have one you could use a camping mat or a normal mat. The workouts are generally short (from 6- 30 mins) and focus on different areas of your body.

I am learning to think differently about health and exercises. The threat Diabetes and other complications as a result of sugar and poor eating are big.