Sunday, September 18, 2016

"We keep moving forward"- Walt Disney

Things are changing in my life.

I want this blog to become more of a focus in my life- as I have wanted for so many years.

My time at my current job is almost over. And although this is an extremely difficult patch for me, in some ways I am relieved.

I feel like this is the time for real growth in my life and to become what I have really want to become. Which is some role in Fashion/Media/Travelling

These are things I enjoy. I'm on a very bumpy road to self discovery. It hasn't been easy over the past couple of weeks. Especially when you're missing a few people on the journey.

One of my best friends and I are not talking and it is hard. I have been far too proud to send her a message and it's silly... I should reach out to her.

On a positive note. My mom and I have had a very rewarding conversation and I feel very happy.