Thursday, July 21, 2016


I recently split up with someone who used to consume most of my spare time.
I knew it was over, he just went quiet.

Its been three weeks now and I still wish I could come back home and cuddle up into his arms.

But I realize the faults of our relationship. The way he used to speak to me, and the little things he did that made me feel sad.

I remember the good parts, I want to reply to the text he sent me the other day. I want to. But I know it's time to move forward. This up and down shit does nothing for me, it's really destructive. I wish things could have been different.

The thing is he's Muslim and I'm Christian. Our beliefs contradict, he sometimes sees women as nothing. I don't like that. How can I be with someone that tells me to go upstairs when there are other men around.

I am my own person. Very bold person... and I can't be controlled.

I look forward to meeting the person that I will be with for a very long time.