Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Last Train Home"

A few days ago I switched on the TV and reluctantly watched an Afrikaans "Top Billing", basically a tv show on whats happening and whats "hot". As the minutes went by I found it was quite informative and had subtitles :). It changed my opinion- that Afrikaans shows are often low budget and boring.

This brings me to the main point of this post. They reviewed a new movie by Lixin Fan called The Last Train Home. I don't remember the last time I was so fascinated by something!  It is more of a documentary than a film. However the spectacular Imagery and Music make it more like a Movie. 

The film documents the life of a Family working in a clothing factory. The family returns to their rural home town only once a year during the Chinese New Year. The majority of Factory Workers in China also visit their family once a year. During the time of the Chinese New Year, the Worlds Largest Migration takes place.

There is a snippet (which is on the webpage which I've linked) which shows among other things, thousands of Factory Workers in the Train Station. This was particularly sad to watch, thousands of people scrambling towards the train to get to their families.

It is interesting what our World is coming to... More particularly what China has come to. China is emerging as a Super Power in the world. However China's Working-Class population is suffering. It is also a comment on the worlds hunger for Wealth and the problems surrounding Over Population. The Over Population which demands more resources.

The greed of Consumerism- A factory worker in the movie says he made a pair of pants with a waist line of 40 inches the other day. "Have u ever seen a chinese with a 40 inch waist? " he giggles.

This Film is definitely worth watching and is an interesting answer to the world we live in today! Watch it as soon as you can!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to my blog

So here I am sitting in the computer lab, being pestered by a fellow journalism student. Hopefully I will receive a new influx of bloggers due to its forthcoming advertisement (and not to mention that it is the best blog in the world). I think I should take on a project to date 50 guys over the next year and take photos of them and surely I'd find someone suitable even if I didnt it would be fun for the fuck of it... Excuse my french. Or even better I could commit to learning to play a new instrument, it might be more rewarding and interesting actually.